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Salinity Adjustment Calculator

This calculator takes the amount of water in your system, your current salinity, the salinity you'd like to achieve, and the maximum change in salinity that you are willing to risk per water change. It returns the number of gallons and salinity of the water for each change.


The maximum salinity per change can only be entered in ppt, this field will NOT accept SG.
When lowering the salinity, water removed should be discarded and will always be replaced with FW (water with a SG of 1.0 or a ppt of 0)
When raising the salinity, no water should be discarded. You should raise the salinity of the water removed to the value shown and then replace the water into the system.

If any of the results do not make perfect sense to you, DO NOT use them to make changes to your system.

Gallons in system:
Current salinity of system (either SG or ppt is accepted):
Target salinity of system (either SG or ppt is accepted):
Maximum PPT Change (Enter the maximum change in ppt you want to risk per change):
Number of gallons in water change (Change as much as is convienient. The more water the less radical the adjustment. This number is only used when raising salinity):

Disclamer: SaltyZoo does not take any responsibility for the use or misuse of this tool. It is your responsibility to always be aware of and understand the effects of making changes to your water chemistry.
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